I was born in Lobito, Angola, and now living and working in between Lisbon, Portugal and Luanda, Angola. I am a Graphic designer and Painter, with a Master in Graphic Design and Arts at University of Creative Arts, Farnham, U.K..

Been Exhibiting my work in different countries- Angola (Luanda), Norway (Stavanger), China (Shanghai), na Czech Republic (Brno), Germany (Berlin) and Kenya (Nairobi) since 2003.

Throughout my Art Career, have been exploring different materials and techniques, apart of painting also worked with collages, graphic and digital art, video, photography and also embroidery. Besides living as a painter also have worked many years as a Graphic Designer Teacher in Stavanger, Norway, where also worked as a Freelancer Graphic Designer.


“My Painting concepts have been around human interaction and individuals common essence and how we are, independently of geographical or historical contexts. It’s about egoless states of being, beyond masks and social codification. About common feelings and a celebration of diversity and highlighting- how we are all unique but at the same part of one organism- the earth.

I am very interested in different cultures and customs and perspectives. Even how we express ourselves in different languages and environments.

I enjoy painting portraits in a graphic way, mixing traditional and modern motifs, geometrical with organic shapes with different patterns all in a sort of clean and meticulous way”.





2020- Collective Exhibition- Circle Gallery- “Atlantico”, Nairobi (KE)

2019- Gallery ELA- Espaço Luanda Arte, “Partículas Encantadas” (ANG)

2018- Fucking Globo- Project/ Collective Exhibition, Room 106 (ANG)

Gallery MAAN- Memorial Dr. António Agostinho Neto, Guerreiros do Absurdismo Fantástico (ANG)

Movart Gallery- “O Mundo Colorido da Taya” (ANG)

This Is Not a White Cube- Banco Económico (ANG)

Galeria Tamar Golan (ANG)

1:54 Somerset House, U.K.

Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin (DE)

Curator- JAANGO- Jovens Artistas Angolanos 

Bai Arte- “Arquivo Morto” Centro Cultural Academia BAI (ANG)

Project “Orgulho em ser Angolano”- Cuca (ANG)

Project Palanca (ANG)

 World Expo Shanghai  (ANG Pavilion) (CHINA)

 Sandnes Kulturhus (NO)

Wall Art Sandnes Læringssenter (NO)

Tou Scene (NO)

Illustration CheckPoint Charlie (NO)

Galerie Brno (CZ)

Illustration Høie Apeland (Reklameetasjen, NO)

Sting (NO)

Atelier Brasil (NO)

Soleado (NO)

Banco Equador (S. Tome e Príncepe)

Toyota (ANG)

Cenarius Gallery (ANG)


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